Anti-ligature systems are purposely designed to reduce the risk of self-harm.

We supply a magnetic Anti-Ligature System that contributes greatly to reducing the risk of self-harm by ligature. The system is designed with the use of powerful magnetic forces that connects rails to brackets. When an excessive load is applied the magnetic system releases it load. This disengagement can happen time and time again with no decline in performance of the product.

Curtains Direct supply the following Anti-Ligature Systems;

  • Anti-Ligature Cubicle Systems
  • Anti-Ligature Shower Curtain Track
  • Anti- Ligature Blinds
  • Anti- Ligature Curtain Tracks
  • Anti-Ligature Shower Head Holder
  • Anti-Ligature Accessories

Download the Kestrel Magnetic Anti-Ligature System Specifications (PFD)