Healthcare Fabrics

In areas where patients health and comfort is the number one priority we introduce to you our specialist range of healthcare fabrics that are designed to create a comfortable and homely environment whilst creating a safer environment without the clinical appearance. To complete your setting choose coordinating curtains, bedding and upholstery fabrics. Our design team are always on the look-out for the latest trends ensuring that the widest range of fabrics is available to our clients achieving a stylish and practical interior.

Inherently Flame Retardant

Inherently Flame Retardant Fabrics have flame resistance built into their chemical structures, which can never be worn away or washed out. We have a large collection of inherently flame retardant fabrics. Many of these fabrics are not only beautifully designed but also have lifesaving properties.


Anti-Microbial fabrics contain an antimicrobial agent that prevents or reduces the ability of microorganisms to grow on the surface of the material. This in turn reduces the spread of bacterial and fungal infections in areas within the healthcare sector. All of our Anti-Microbial fabrics are also inherently flame retardant given each fabric a multiple end-use. An innovative mix of technical properties and modern fabric design will improve residents comfort and wellbeing. This type of fabric is pacifically engineered for the healthcare sector.

Upholstery Fabric

We have a vast range of durable upholstery fabrics suitable for the healthcare sector. Our upholstery fabrics have waterproof properties which allow the staff to spend more time with the residents and less time cleaning. These fabrics are also anti-microbial and have stain resistance properties.